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« Dateline Lethal Weapon (HD, TV-14) An accomplished young doctor is rushed to the hospital after collapsing in her home, the cause of which turns out to be cyanide poisoning.
Dateline Mystery at Heath Bar Farm (HD, TV-14) After evidence is brought to light, a convicted murderer is given a second chance at freedom when clues appear to clear them of the death of a popular teacher.
CBS 58 News at 9:00 on WMLW (New) The CBS58 Evening News Team presents updates on local, state and national news as well as breaking news events and detailed traffic and weather reports.
Chicago P.D. The Number of Rats (HD, TV-14) Benson continues to assist Voight with the investigation of a rape and murder case that is similar to a case that she worked on a decade earlier.
« Bad Company (TV-14, PG-13, ***) A CIA agent has the difficult task of taking a street-smart wise guy and molding him into a suave operative who can negotiate a nuclear arms deal successfully.
Cop Out (R, **+) A thief robs a New York police officer of the rare baseball card he needs to finance his daughter's wedding, so the man and his partner set out to find him.
« Star Trek Balance of Terror (TV-PG) After several outposts are destroyed, the Enterprise pursues a vessel belonging to the Romulans, the Federation's ancient enemy.
Star Trek: The Next Generation Booby Trap (TV-PG) While investigating an old shipwreck, the Enterprise accidentally triggers an ancient booby trap that bombards their ship with dangerous levels of radiation.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Improbable Cause (TV-PG) Odo investigates amid Garak's dissembling about his enemies and past associations after an assassination attempt takes place in the tailor's shop.
Star Trek: Voyager Unforgettable (TV-PG) A beautiful alien who's fleeing from her homeworld asks Chakotay for help, claiming that they fell in love with each other a few weeks earlier.
« Through the Decades February 21 (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) News anchor Bill Kurtis walks viewers through major news moments that have taken place in history on a specific day, and how each moment impacts pop culture.
The Dick Cavett Show Billy Graham, Arthur Penn, Chief Dan George, R.V. Cassill, Many Rice-Davies (TV-PG) Host and humorist Dick Cavett oversees an evolving format of talk and variety shows, providing intelligent discussions with celebrity guests and icons.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Love Thy Other Neighbor (TV-G) The Petries get a new next-door neighbor, who turns out to be an old friend of Lauras from her grammar school days, before she even met Millie.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Long Night's Journey Into Day (TV-G) The Petries and the Helpers are planning for a big fishing trip, but Laura gets sick with a cold and is left home alone while everyone else goes fishing.
The Honeymooners Love Letter (TV-G) Alice finds a love letter tucked inside a cookbook of Trixie's that she said was from Ed, but later Ralph stumbles on the note, and makes the wrong assumption.
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