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The Andy Griffith Show The Farmer Takes a Wife (TV-G) An old pal of Andy's is looking for a wife and thinks he's found the perfect one in Thelma Lou, until she tries to make him a city-dwelling house husband.
The Andy Griffith Show Keeper of the Flame (TV-G) Opie, accepted as a member of the secret society The Wildcats, is blamed for a fire in the barn where they meet, but it was actually started by its owner.
The Andy Griffith Show Bailey's Bad Boy (TV-G) Rich kid Ronald Bailey is jailed due to blatant disrespect for the law, but as he waits for his influential father to bail him out, Andy talks sense into him.
Finding Rin Tin Tin (TV-14, PG) After the bombing of a dog kennel during World War I, a corporal in France rescues a German Shepherd family, one of whom reaches movie stardom.
Family Time No Lie Zone (Repeat, TV-PG) Tony and Lisa decide that there will be no more lying in their house, which leads to arguments based on the unimportant white lies they tell each other.
Off the Chain Rodney Perry (Repeat, TV-14) Performances by some of the country's most talented African-American comedians such as SNL alumni Dean Edwards and former host at the Apollo, Rudy Rush.
King's Ransom (TV-14, PG-13, *+) To avoid losing his fortune in a divorce settlement, a businessman plots his own kidnapping but discovers other people have their plans for his abduction.
Zoo Clues Animals Survival (HD, TV-G) Bill Llyod answers many frequently asked questions and have has some surprising facts to share about some of the worlds most amazing animals.
On the Spot Natural History, Early Technologies, Food Science (HD, TV-G) Scheduled: from sabertooth cats to America's first people, the history of pencils to the history of knives, and why popcorn pops and why we only have 5 tastes.
On the Spot Civil War, Business, Weather (HD, TV-G) Scheduled: from Lincoln to Lee, CEO's to the S&P, and tornados to the speed of lightning.
The Addams Family Ophelia's Career (TV-G) Ophelia is once again heartbroken over another man who has mistreated her, and Morticia is convinced a career could be a welcome distraction.
The Addams Family The Addams Family Goes to School (TV-G) A truant officer visits the Addams household in order to get Pugsley and Wednesday to start attending school but soon learns about this unusual family.
Life Without Dick (TV-PG, PG-13, *+) A woman accidentally shoots her boyfriend and becomes frightened at the punishment she may serve, but her answer to the situation comes in an Irish mobster.
« Fútbol de Inglaterra Manchester United vs Swansea City desde Liberty Stadium (HD) La Liga Premier está considerada entre las tres mejores ligas del mundo del fútbol, a ella pertenecen los mejores jugadores del mundo,
Ritmo deportivo (HD, New) Deportes variados, conozca el pulso de lo que acontece en cada especialidad deportiva, de la mano de Leti que recorre el mundo buscando jugadas interesantes.
Enfoque (HD, TV-PG) Entrevistas profundas desde Washington D.C. a miembros del mundo de la política, sobre temas que interesan al público hispano.
MLB Béisbol Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee Brewers desde Miller Park La MLB es una competición de alto nivel que se compone de dos grandes ligas: La Nacional de 16 equipos y la Americana con 14 equipos; disfrute de los partidos.
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