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« Anaconda (TV-PG, PG-13, **) An American film crew is terrorized by a colossal, man-eating snake while filming a documentary in the uncharted wilds of the Amazon.
Rules of Engagement Fountain of Youth (HD, TV-14) Jeff and Audrey try to prove that their lives will not be boring once the baby arrives; Timmy tricks Russell into joining him for a visit to a nursing home.
Rules of Engagement Cupcake (HD, TV-14) Jeff decides to finally make an effort to change his unhealthy eating habits after accidentally eating Jen and Adam's "special" cupcake.
Saving Hope Awakenings (HD, TV-14) Alex has problems remembering certain things, until a hospital crisis helps snap her out of it; Charlie and Joel must work together on two patients.
« The Monkey Hu$tle (TV-14, PG, **) A group of Chicago residents, including a smooth-talking con artist, host a block party protesting a plan to build a highway through their neighborhood.
Steel (TV-PG, PG-13, *) A weapons designer creates a superhero suit in order to be able to battle against a street gang that is abusing his military weapons.
The Commish Dog Days (TV-PG) A local businesswoman is found dead of an apparent drug overdose and her dog is mysteriously missing; a new janitor at the station claims to be a witness.
The Commish Father Eddie (TV-PG) The police investigate the murder of a teenage girl and a prize pupil is Commissioner Tony Scalis first suspect of the murder; he speaks to the priest.
The Commish Bank Job (TV-PG) Tony has to go on the job after a dead body is found, shortly after a loud screaming fight between he and Rachel; Tony recognizes the victim; bank robbery.
Thriller Man in the Middle (TV-PG) A man is spotted while overhearing two unsavory characters planning a murder, and after he gets away he struggles to decide whether to involve the police.
Thriller The Cheaters (TV-PG) An alchemist makes a pair of glasses that lets their wearer see people as they really are, and a hundred years later a junk dealer finds them and resells them.
Thriller Twisted Image (TV-PG) A wealthy advertising executive finds himself being stalked simultaneously by a young woman and a disturbed mailroom clerk who is jealous of his success.
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